Private Consultation

Imagine being able to create your own tablescapes without stress!


Are you hosting and don’t know how to set the table? Or are you invited to a dinner party and want to learn more about table manners and etiquette?

I’m here to help you create your own tablescapes and teach you about table manners and etiquette. With my one-on-one or small group consultations, online or in person, we cover table decor, how to entertain and table etiquette, as well as optimizing/creating your tablescape trousseau.




Everyone’s journey is different. Find the right service for you, in-person or on-line:


2-hour consultation

  • Analysis of your personal collection
  • Table décor styles
  • Colour wheel and harmonious combinations
  • Basic Table Etiquette & items positioning
  • Ebook included
  • 30-min Follow-up within 2-weeks


2-hour consultation

  • Items positioning according to the menu
  • Types of services and how to apply them
  • American x Continental dining
  • Table manners
  • Tricky food
  • Ebook included
  • 30-min follow-up within 2-weeks


45-min consultation

  • Analysis and optimization of your personal collection
  • Analysis of your routine at the table
  • Analysis of your style and favourite stores
  • Shopping guide with mood board and links
  • Follow-up by email on how to style the new items 


I had training with Carolina lately and absolutely LOVED it. She is attentive, professional, passionate, patient, and so on. I recommend this course 100%, it's a good investment. I took this training to improve myself in what I do and to give a better service to my customers and it is worth the cost. I intend to continue to train myself by taking mentorship.


I had a consultation with Carolina, I loved my informative meeting on table etiquette. She also arranged my dishes and made a beautiful presentation with what I already had. Finally, I received a shopping guide for the items I was missing. I now pay new attention during meals to bring a special touch every week.