We have three opportunities per day to create a tablescape

 At the table is where we spend quality time with our loved ones

Tablescaping for me is an act of love and care for my family and friends



Hi! I’m Carolina, table stylist and table etiquette consultant. I strongly believe tablescape can transform family time and dinner parties to strengthen bonding and building relationships. Based on table etiquette, I help my clients create functional, elegant, and welcoming tablescapes.



When I was a child, meals were always served at the table. Eating in front of the television was out of the question, since mealtime was sacred family time. Today, I apply the same principles in my own home. Smart gadgets are also banned from the dinner table.

I grew up watching my mom host parties, create beautiful table settings, and decorate the house with flowers. Her guests were always delighted and felt home every time they were with us. My passion for hosting comes from her. At the table is where we spend quality time with our loved ones, and tablescaping for me is an act of love and care. Nothing is better than seeing the reactions of my family and guests when they lay their eyes on what I prepared for them.

When the pandemic hit, the four of us found ourselves stuck at home, just like everyone else around the world. At the end of the winter and not being able to see anyone, I had to come up with an idea to entertain our kids and ourselves. I started dressing the table nicely once a day to create special moments. Long story short, we all enjoyed those moments together to the point that it has become second nature.

When at first you do it just for yourself and your direct family, expanding on a broader scale to do it for friends and extended family becomes an easier task. My passion has blossomed into a creative endeavour by which I will share with you my techniques and tools to help you create your very own tablescapes and be a great host.

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